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Psyma Research+Consulting GmbH abides by the guidelines and regulations of the German Market Research Associations and the rules of the German law of data protection.

You are entitled to participate in the survey from the age of 11 years. Your responses remain strictly confidential, are analysed anonymously and are not passed on to any third parties. Our clients receive data excluding personal information such as name and/or address to ensure your responses cannot be tracked back to you, i.e. nobody will be informed which answers you specifically gave.

Visitors to the website will be invited at random to take part in the online survey. The information given in the survey itself is anonymous and cannot be traced back to a specific person. Participation in the survey is voluntary. You may request access to, or ask that we delete, any personal information we hold on you both during and after the interview by emailing us at

To assist in the frequency with which the survey appears we implement temporary cookies. A cookie is a small file which we use to find out whether your computer has already been contacted by a Psyma survey. The cookie will prevent multiple invitations and multiple participation in the survey during a website visit and during the field time of a survey. The cookie is used solely for these research purposes. It will be saved temporarily on your hard drive and will delete itself automatically from your hard drive. The cookie does not contain any data from the survey, a reference to you is not possible.

During the survey, certain technical data will be saved automatically. This data may include time / date and duration of survey, referrer, entry page. In addition the User Agent will be recorded and this includes data such as the device, browser version and operating system. Your IP address will not be passed on to us. As with the survey data, this technical data is collected anonymously. In general, this information is only used for quality assurance, e.g. to identify technical problems.

This survey will be administered by a server in Germany, where the data is handled. Our employees are committed to our policies and procedures regarding confidentiality, security and privacy. All terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of Germany.

Responsible for the abidance by this privacy policy are:

Psyma Research+Consulting GmbH
Office Lauf
Nuernberger Str. 103
91207 Lauf

Dr. Frank Knapp (managing director)
Jens Palmer (data protection officer)